Between North and South America there is no road and no rail.

There is just equatorial forest and 6000 foot mountains.

The lack of a road gives more hope that it will remain as it is than most other equatorial forests in the world.

A NorthEast to South-West wobbly line at the top of the ridge forms the border between Panama & Colombia.


In the middle of it is the Darien Gap, the approach to it from Panama is by footpaths and by boat up a couple of rivers.

It being thick jungle provided a hiding place for the FARC guerrillas as they engaged in armed revolt against the injustices of the Colombian government.

Of course, the FARC side being there cause the supporters of the Government to be present on the edges of the jungle: Making the area a hotchpotch, that the Panama police and army normally did not dare to enter for the greater part: Lawless.

On the Colombian side is a national park which had been closed for many years in the year 2000.