On the left is Panama. On the right is Colombia.

In the middle left you will see Boca de Cupe and Yaviza – the starting off points in the lowlands.

From those villages were the rivers leading up to the last villages before the Darien Gap: Pucuro & Paya.

Then the Darien Gap itself at Palo de las Leteros – meaning “the tree with the letters” (i.e. carving) on it.

Near it is Cristales where Paul & Tom were said to be held towards the end before their release.

Above that is Unguia on the Colombian side, which was the village of the guide who led both Paul & Tom as well as James Spring through the Gap. Unguia is just on the edge of the jungle. It was occupied by Colombian soldiers, but it was singular in having its first local person ever as its Mayor.

The sea inlet is named the Gulf of Uraba with Turbo on the other side, which has an airport.