Why were we conned?

.. and you may say “I wouldn’t have been conned”…

When early on in the search we were looking for someone with knowledge of the Darien area, and I wrote a 2-page article in the Times, an Englishman living in Holland phoned us and offered to help, but he said he needed money for expenses. He asked for $10,000 but we beat him down to $5.000, which we gave him.

We discovered later that he also approached the Blackman parents when their daughter, Lucie, had disappeared in Japan. Lucie never came back.

Well, it was the same as if someone had told a parent after the first World War that their son was still alive and that they knew where he was, after they had been told by the army that he was just “missing in action” and that this person would help to get him back……. they would quite likely have accepted the offer….

It would have raised some hope in place of the great silence.